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Leadership e-Book

The Changing Role of Leadership post Covid-19 e-Book.

The changing role of leadership post Covid-19 is a hot topic today as leaders grapple with how to balance a flexible workplace with the business output they require.

Our findings on Leadership​

The Changing Role of Leadership post Covid-19 e-Book.Intaconsult findings on Leadership​.

John Bridges, Lindsay Murdoch, Michael Ware and Robert Comben have come together with their ideas, based on their experience, of how we are adapting ourselves in our approach to business, and some research we have conducted across our own networks.

We believe that these ideas were relevant before, during, and after Covid-19, and they represent emerging best practice. We can help you develop your leaders through development and coaching approaches as well as designing and delivering change leadership programmes.

Leaders with vision, who set the right culture, care and place employee engagement and wellbeing at the heart of their organisations are more likely to be at the helm of successful performing organisations.

Add in all the right tools, working practices and development and your organisation will be set up for success with a happy and engaged workforce.

Let us know what you think – enjoy.

John Griffin

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