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Vital Questions for the Board in 2021

  • What is overall market demand for you products or services?

  • What are the demands of your customers and have they changed?

  • What is the likely sales turnover going to be? And the expected profit?

  • How has your competitive position changed? What do we now need to compete and grow?

  • What is your cash flow position? Are we at critical levels, and what rate are we burning cash?

  • How is Brexit affecting your business and operations?

  • How do you now need to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • What size of organisation can you afford? What is the required staff skills mix?

  • What are the main ways in which the organisation needs to be changed or transformed, and how long will that take? What investment is needed and what ROI expected?

  • What is the size of the change needed in all your functions? Technology, finance, sales, marketing, HR, production, operations, procurement?

  • How does your mission, vision and operating model need to change?

  • How innovative and change-oriented are you as an organisation?

  • How resilient are you as an organisation?

  • How engaged and supportive are your employees?

  • Are you paying enough attention to employee well-being?

  • Where do you need your staff to be located and what is the face to face vs virtual working balance?

  • Can you manage the required transformation ourselves, or should you call in experts to shape and enable the transformation to deliver the business benefits?

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