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Bringing Business Transformation and Human Resource expertise to help you develop your organisation

Lindsay Murdoch

A commercial, innovative and authentic business leader who understands how people and organisations need to function to stay ahead in a changing market and achieve stretching business goals. Lindsay understands how to adapt her skills and expertise to the new business challenges facing leaders today.

Lindsay can work with you in an initial advisory capacity addressing your vision, strategy and goals and what you need to do to stay relevant. She will help you to look at these challenges through the eyes of your employees and customers whilst addressing questions you may be trying to answer on revenue and profitability – the 4 leavers of Transformation.

We have all come to understand that Transformation and Change is less effective if you do not pay enough attention to your people and today you need to balance this with the digital opportunities available that will increase efficiency in the modern workplace.

Lindsay can help you think this through and create your people agenda and she can then help you to decide your priorities and develop the processes you may need in order to make the necessary changes. 

Through her own Company, intaconsult Limited, she has worked with a wide range of organisations, transferred skills and coached individuals and teams to create change that successfully addresses the real business challenges.

To contact Lindsay please email her on: lindsay.murdoch @ or phone her on: 01963 220 815

Bringing Finance and Business Transformation expertise to help you deliver your ‘new normal’

Michael Ware

A senior professional able to offer perspective and objectivity to the executive directorship with a specialist knowledge and background within finance. As a finance practitioner, opportunities have typically focussed on acting as an ally to the CEO, Chairman or owner manager and the significant stakeholders such as shareholders, key customers and advisors across legal, banking, corporate finance and investment.
Michael's extensive track record of leading change and cost reduction through the identification of major improvements to operational efficiency. This has included cash management problems, poor operating and           reporting processes as well as special projects such as establishing new international entities and transfer pricing.

Organisations require trusted expertise to guide them through the COVID-19 challenges. Michael can work with you to identify and assess strategic options, around a new business model and drive its implementation through these difficult times.

Michael’s corporate career saw him move from FMCG into international manufacturing and finally into security and investigations in gradually more senior roles where he has had financial responsibility for the America’s, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. Since leaving the corporate world he embarked upon a successful interim career ranging from Aviation to a Zoo – The A to Z of Accounting.


To contact Michael Ware please phone him on 07947 810036

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