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The Transformation Series

Updated: 7 days ago

Business Transformation, making a step change in your business to enhance business performance and increase employee engagement. The 7 stages in Intaconsult's Transformation approach are closely linked:

  • Discovering: The vision and benefits

  • Defining: The design & change strategy

  • Engaging: Communicating & awareness

  • Planning: Roles and responsibilities

  • Assessing: Who is impacted, how & when

  • Enabling: Providing tools and skills that are needed to make the change

  • Embedding: Making sure that new ways of working ‘stick’, culture and behaviours are consistent with change outcomes and celebrating successes as they occur

It is possible to have different parts of the organisation at different stages of the process depending on the number of projects you have in your programme.

Employee engagement is key to the approach and gives you clear structure and governance for your transformation to be a success.

You can also read our Transformation e-Book who knew there was so much to say.

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